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Jericho House Programs

Confirmation Retreats

Jericho Ministries offers an experience for young people preparing for the Sacrament of Confirmation. The retreat is a peer-ministry-led experience for young people that focuses on giftedness, community building, justice awareness, and their deeper involvement in Church life. Jericho’s confirmation preparation program can be experienced as a one-day or two-day program.

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Torch Social Justice Programs

The Torch Social Justice Day provides the participants with an opportunity to have contact with the marginalized. Following their immersion, participants enter an integration process that helps them to own their experience. The Social Justice Day also provides participants with an opportunity for personal growth and communal enrichment.

Torch Leadership Conferences

These leadership conferences are designed for young people and adults and weave together leadership, social justice, and spirituality. Torch is a leadership experience that affirms the inherent leadership of the participants and encourages and nurtures them thorough a peer ministry model of large and small group interaction.

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Adult Retreats at Jericho House

Adult retreats at Jericho House are usually developed in conjunction with a parish, school, or staff committee to ensure that the experience meets the needs of a particular adult community. Adults from the local community are called upon to provide leadership for the small groups.

Sue EmpringhamOther adult retreats at Jericho House are facilitated by Sue Empringham of the Center for Courage & Renewal. The Circles of Trust® model, which is based on the work of Parker J. Palmer, offers safe space to reflect on one’s personal and professional life. This nurtures capacity for trustworthy relationships and expands ability to listen and be present. It offers the courage to live and lead authentically. See Sue’s Upcoming Events for her day-long and 3-day retreats.


SCOEP . . . . . Gifted in Community for Service

SCOEP (Spiritual Centered Outdoor Education Program) is a three-day experience calling forth the inherent leadership of young people, nurturing their spirituality, and preparing them for the Sacrament of Confirmation. Its theme, "Gifted in Community for Service," emphasizes the dignity and giftedness of young people and invites them to join with others in their school, home, and parish to share in this giftedness.

Through a process of indoor and outdoor activities, students come to grow in acceptance and awareness of their personal giftedness as well as become aware of, and supportive of, the gifts of others. Whether it is while walking to the Falls, hiking along the Bruce Trail, playing a game, or journaling in the Rainbow Room, each young person has several opportunities to reflect on how community building, personal giftedness, and justice awareness are closely related to Confirmation.

A SCOEP Reflection
by Tiffany, a Grade 8 student

I'm not the same person, I'm not who I used to be.
I feel so different , I feel so free.
I see through different eyes, I hear through different ears.
I'm not afraid anymore, I have no fears.
I can think much clearer, I can understand so much more.
I've learned so much, and still have more to explore.
I have no worries, I have no stress.
I don't care what other people think, I have no need to impress.
I'm no longer selfish, I'm no longer greedy.
I'd give the food on my plate to the less fortunate.
I'd give the clothes on my back to the needy.
I'm proud of who I am, and who I will be.
No one can change that, because I am me.
My life is now so full of love, peace, and hope.
All because of my experience at SCOEP.

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